Laser Guided Rocket

FZ275 LGR : Semi-Active Laser (SAL) Guided Rocket

The FZ275 LGR guided rocket closes the gap between the long-range high-value missiles and the shorter range guns/cannon and unguided rockets, thus affording a full range of precision effects from a platform to defeat soft and light armoured targets.

This rocket complies with the armies’ requirement for precise and reliable ammunitions capable of reducing exposure to danger and avoiding collateral damage which nowadays causes injuries to civilians.

Technical datasheet


  • Calibre : 2.75” (70mm)
  • Nominal length : ~1800mm
  • All up round weight : 12.7 kg with 4.1kg warhead
  • Guidance : SAL (Semi-Active Laser)
  • Steering type : 4 folding canards
  • Laser : compatible with STANAG 3733 or used defined code


  • Range : 1500m up to 7000m
  • CEP<1m (at 6km range)


Stationary and moving targets :

  • Soft and light armoured vehicles
  • Air defence facilities
  • Radar sites
  • Communication installations
  • Aircrafts on ground
  • Small ship and patrol boats
  • Soft bunkers
  • snipers

Operational needs

  • compatible with existing conventional 2.75“ rocket system
  • limited integration work
  • high first hit probability
  • improved stand-off range
  • pinpoint accuracy
  • flexibility
  • reduced collateral damage
  • low cost guided ammunition
  • lower platform vulnerability


The FZ® Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, flexible system expanding platforms range of precision effects.

The FZ® Guided Rocket provides superior accuracy and lethality, coupled with safety and durability offering state-of-the-art capability with an extremely low Cost/Kill from existing launchers.

The FZ275 LGR provides the end user with substantially decreased cost per kill :

  • significantly less rockets/target
  • minimizes platform time-on-target and rounds/target
  • frees up assets faster for other missions

The FZ275 LGR can be also integrated to various platforms (aircraft, helicopter, UAV, Land Vehicle, Light Assault Aircraft, Naval platform).

The FZ275 LGR can be easily integrated into the logistics and support system

  • Simple field installation
  • Minimal training required

SAL technology

The SAL-Laser Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR requires designation of the target by a laser designator.

The rocket has an in-built laser seeker that can read a specially coded laser being reflected off a target. This target can be marked either before launching the rocket (LOBL - Lock-On Before Launch), after launch (LOAL  - Lock-On After Launch) or even by a remote source, such as a soldier on the ground or another second flying platform. This versatility provides the helicopter with a far greater survivability and the ability to attack without moving into a target's vision.


FZ275 LGR can be fired from any standard FZ® rocket launcher.

Special dedicated smart rocket launchers for helicopters (FZ606) and aircraft (FZ800) has been developped by Thales Belgium in order to offer LOBL and other capability such as Bi-directional communication with FZ275 LGR, rocket identifcation and detection and extended BIT (Build-in-test).



Thales Belgium has developed 2 different configurations for its laser guided rocket :

  • stand alone : easy and quick implementation of laser guided rocket FZ275 LGR on platforms with FZ® rocket system requiring only some minor modifications
  • integrated : full integration with full functionality increasing the capability envelope of FZ275 LGR guided rocket :
    • inventory information exchange through the platform prior to launch
    • rocket detection and identification
    • in-flight laser code implementation
    • LOBL (Lock-On Before Launch)
    • Two (bidirectional) way communication between rocket, rocket launcher and the platform (cockpit)

The smart digital rocket launchers FZ606 and FZ800 has been particularly developped by Thales Belgium in order to offer full capability (particularly LOBL) when firing its laser guiided rocket FZ275 LGR.


FZ275 LGR offers different warheads such as High Explosive warheads.

  • HE (1 kg explosive, compound B)
  • Pre-fragmented shell
  • Penetration: thickness of 6 mm steel ST37-2 (DIN 17100)
  • Lethal radius: 9 m
  • Impact base fuze to optimize load and splinter efficiency


For further infos about different firing campaigns of our laser guided rocket FZ275 LGR, consult our video database