Social responsability

For Thales Belgium, being a world leader in 70 mm rocket systems means being a responsible corporate citizen. This means FZ is committed to the well-being of its communities and positively contributes to the health and safety of its employees and customers worldwide. To help propel our future, we depend on social, ethical and environmental dimensions to shape our world. This is why you can rely on FZ.

Economic Impact

Our deep commitment to R&D and education plays a major role in shaping and growing the defence and aerospace industry.

Donations and Sponsorships

Through donations and sponsorships, we contribute to educational, arts & cultural and environmental initiatives.

Employees' Contribution

Our employees embrace the opportunity to contribute to their communities and we support their generosity through matching gift and team volunteering programs.

Environment, Health & Safety

A safe and healthy workplace for employees around the world, protection of our natural environment and safe products and services are all priorities for FZ.


Our ethics policy is deployed throughout the company and across the Thales Group. The Code of Ethics governs all our business decisions and actions. The Code expresses our fundamental values and provides a framework for decision making.

It relies on a dedicated ethics organisation, a set of stringent internal control procedures, extensive training and awareness programmes and full employee accountability for any infringement of ethical standards.