Thales Belgium show-casing 2.75''/70mm rocket solution at Belgian Pavilion on EUROSATORY 2022

Thales Belgium SA – Rockets 70mm (2.75”) : Thales Belgium show-casing 2.75''/70mm rocket solution at EUROSATORY 2022

Mai 20 2022

EUROSATORY 2022, the world’s leading land and airland defence and security exhibition, will be held from 13th to 17th June in Villepinte Paris – France.

At the upcoming EUROSATORY exhibition, Thales Belgium, a 100% affiliate of Thales Group is showcasing a cross-section of its rocket systems solutions for modern armed forces.

They encompass not only system solutions for air-to-ground 70mm unguided conventional rockets, but will also be presenting their Laser Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR and its dedicated smart digital rocket launcher 6-tube FZ606 enabling LOBL (Lock-On Before Launch).

Together with its partner FN Herstal, a DeFNDER equipped a 2-tube rocket launcher FZ602 will be show cased to offer a valuable ground-to-ground solution for armies.

Thales Belgium will be at Hall 6, Booth 432 at the Belgium pavilion hosted by BSDI (Belgian Security & Defence Industry).

The advantage of the laser guidance is its precision to minimise collateral damage. FZ275 LGR will reach a hit-target ability with less than one meter (CEP<1m). Due to the Joint Fire Support Team marking the target even moving vehicles progressing at a speed up to 60km/h can be destroyed.

The operational range of the FZ275 LGR is from 2000 m up to 10 km.

Thales Belgium has a longstanding footprint in defence export market supplying air-to-round rocket systems 70mm/2.75” to more than 25 active customers and end-users worldwide.